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MasterMind Club
Winnipeg Mb Canada | 2017

A MasterMind Club has never been more essential. Imagine using the expertise of others who have survived the ups and downs of the market in the past. Consider collaborating with others to take larger projects. Think of the warm leads that are generated through ongoing networking and building solid business relationships!

Our MasterMinds include engineers, consultants, oil & gas executives, marketing experts, business gurus and more. This is a place where you can not only survive the economy but thrive under the current circumstances.

For a limited time membership will be free, but you must be a business owner.

In a Mastermind meeting there is no manual. In today’s world the idea of Mentoring has taken root but often times the costs of expert advice is more than the small to medium size business can handle.

We all know that we become like the people that we associate with and often times the things that hold a business back is a lack of knowledge or an attitude that we are unaware of. Our Mastermind Mentors are people who have gone before you and who have a trail of success that you can learn from.

Our Mastermind Membership allows business owners to rub shoulders with entrepreneurs and corporate executives while creating an environment that is beneficial for everyone. How would you like to attend a meeting where you get to be in the hot seat and your peers and Mentors can offer you tips and advice on how to improve your operations?

What is this kinda brainstorming worth to you?

Monthly Mastermind Groups gather to strategize and brainstorm over the challenges of your growing enterprise. How would you like to have two hours of consultation with a leader in the field of marketing, strategy or business growth and know that you have already covered the cost of it in a one-time MasterMind Membership?

These are just a couple of the benefits of our IFM Mastermind group.

After our meetings it's time to network. Some meetings are 2-3 people others as many as 24. We like small groups so check our events page for our next meeting.

- David Horton | InterFusion MEDIA


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