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In 1967 in a quiet town in rustic New England, Russound was founded based on a desire to make the finest audio accessories on the market.

Founded by Gaylord "Russ" Russell, Russound's early products included hi-fi solutions such as speaker selectors, tape monitor switches and volume controls. The name Russound became synonymous for high-quality volume controls and the company soon developed a reputation for their reliable products.

Over the years, Russound developed a wider range of products for the custom installation market and increasingly became known for quality, reliability and service. That vision continues on today, as exciting new technologies are being implemented to create modern solutions for their customers’ needs.  With its products now sold in over 100 countries, the Russound name has become synonymous with audio quality not only in the USA, but also around the world.
Based in Newmarket, New Hampshire, Russound continues to design and manufacture innovative products that sound great, are easy to install and simple to use, and that offer great value.

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Audio Solutions That The Audio Professionals Trust

As one of the first companies to focus on multi-room distributed audio products to make more enjoyable homes, Russound has long been a favourite of audio installation professionals looking for the products and technology needed for them to delight their customers.  This would not be possible without our reputation for the finest quality, offering the most important features, and keeping in touch with our customers' expectations throughout the entire process.

Power for your music

Audio amplifiers are the muscle behind every home music system. Russound puts great pride and effort into building stereo and multi-room amplifiers that supply years of problem-free service. Russound engineers embarked on designing our amplifiers to meet the demands of multi-room audio systems: seamless integration, bulletproof reliability and astonishing fidelity. Built to complement an extensive array of audio systems, these versatile products deliver outstanding performance under the most demanding conditions.

Impeccable Sound for a Lifetime of Enjoyment

Russound's loudspeakers are designed to blend into the background so that they are heard but never seen.  The beauty of a professionally installed audio system is that all of the background components can be just that, background.  Interior design professionals choose Russound for just that reason.  From our in-ceiling/in-wall speakers with edgeless bezel grilles that can be custom-painted to match any decor, to our outdoor rock speakers that disappear into your landscaping design, you have the freedom to design your home to look the way you want, while sounding better than you ever dreamed possible.

Designed by audio professionals using the most advanced components and pairing them with decades of experience in crafting the best in sound quality, you can be assured of a lifetime of enjoyment with your Russound speakers.

Be in control of your world

Connectivity and control is all about getting the right signals from one place to another, be it a line-level signal from a source component to a speaker-level signal coming from an amplifier or receiver, and even including infrared that is used to control any of your other devices!  Russound's heritage is in speaker selectors and volume controls where our products are still the best in the business and one of the most trusted brands on the market. 

The music lover’s intercom

A natural extension of Russound’s audio systems, ComPoint is a complete intercom solution that integrates with virtually any multi-room home audio system.

ComPoint is a true intercom system, providing point-to-point (zone-to-zone) communications as well as global paging from any keypad. With ComPoint, you can enjoy the benefits of multi-room audio and the convenience of intercom communications, all easily integrated together.
Instead of producing tinny sounds from an embedded intercom speaker, ComPoint takes advantage of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, so you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality for home communications and security.

Additional features that make ComPoint highly desirable are selectable doorbell chimes and Do Not Disturb and Listen mode features. For added convenience, you can respond to messages hands-free with point-to-point intercom, giving you the freedom to do other things and still converse using ComPoint.

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