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 receives a number of frequently asked questions from our customers. We’ve collected some of them and their answers here to hopefully answer some questions you have.

1). What does systems integration mean and what are the benefits?

This means to unify your electronic subsystems such as entertainment, safety, communications, and environment controls into one system with a common interface. It can lower utility bills and be a time saving convenience while increasing your home’s value.

2). What is home automation?

Home automation is the ability to control household electronic systems such as lighting, audio equipment, climate control, and appliances through a common user interface.

3). Will any of this advanced technology interfere with the appearance of my home?

InterFusion MEDIA makes every effort possible to integrate the system without changing the aesthetics of your home. This is done by using drop down TVs, Led TVs disguised as framed art, hide speakers behind wallpaper, and more.

4). Do you service what you install?

Yes! If you experience any problems with our products or need repairs, our technicians will come out and fix anything you need.

5). What is the difference between SDTV, EDTV, and HDTV?

Resolution quality. Standard definition displays 480 lines of resolution, enhanced definition displays 720 and HDTV is above 720.

6). I want to hang my flat screen TV on the wall. What do I need to keep in mind?

First, think about the location—will the place you want to hang it allow you to easily view the TV without straining your neck or squinting? Make sure the cords will easily reach adequate power outlets, enough for each connection. Think about whether it will be easy to connect video games, cell phones, cameras, and laptops to the TV. Finally, make sure you have the right mounts that will support the weight and you have adequate audio equipment and acoustics to go along with the video.

7). What are some security measures I can take that will go along with or enhance security system features?

Invest in quality locks. Place a piece of wood or a wooden broom handle in a sliding door track to keep it from opening. Keep blinds and curtains facing the street closed and be cautious when answering the door unless you’re expecting someone. Also, keep extra keys with a neighbour or close friend rather than putting it in a mailbox or other exterior location.
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